Copy cat no more.

So I had this whole post planned for today, and it was going to be about shoes. The title would’ve been some kind of play on words like “Sole Sisters” or “Shoe-in.” I probably would have spent a good amount of time editing, and re-editing and then changing the 3rd round of edits to make sure every t was crossed and i was dotted. It would result as a cute little post about spring sandals for you all to indulge in before minimizing your window as a co-worker walks by. (I’ve been both the offender, and the passer-by colleague, it’s cool, your secret is safe with me). And it would have been like 280939791562 other blog posts that exist on the interwebs.

I’ve been toying with just giving up the whole blog thing because I mean, really, who  is reading this? You’ll notice I don’t have a “Press” tab at the top of the page. There aren’t editors knocking down my wordpress door asking me to contribute to next month’s column on self-tanner disasters or the perfect cocktail dress for an outdoor wedding. I get an occasional comment here or there, and to be honest, my day is sometimes brightened when someone retweets my content. (The day @LillyPulitzer replied to me via Twitter I think I died and went to shift dress heaven).

But then I realized, I shouldn’t really be doing it for anyone other than myself. And yes, while I too love to indulge in girly fashion blogs that feature endless photos of girls staring down at their feet in the middle of street  with their camera facing leg popped behind them (what is with this pose? nobody stands like that. ever.) I’m never going to be that girl. And quite frankly, I don’t even want  to be that girl.

Truth is: 130% percent of the time, you can find me in my boyfriend’s lacrosse t-shirts & sweatpants watching Bravo and eating candy. More often than not, a coat of tinted moisturizer with mascara and chap stick do the trick for me. I have no interest in attending any sort of “arm-party” (you can’t possibly use that term & simultaneously feel like  a legitimate human) and I refuse to buy ANYTHING unless it is on sale. As a matter of fact, I will shamelessly admit that I waited for a pair of ankle boots at TARGET to go on sale, went back weeks later & bought them, only to return them because, well,  they cut the line of my already very short legs off at the ankles. Mind you, I have since purchased my 4th pair of ankle boots and have all of 2 outfits that they look good with, but sometimes you just have to do yourself the solid and buy something because you LIKE it.

POINT is – for all of you regular readers (I’m talking to you, mom, Alex, Madi & Liz) I’m hoping to change things up around here. I’ve decided to keep writing, for the time being, just on different topics. Topics that matter a little bit more to the universe and greater human population than how to mix floral & plaid in your wardrobe and banana based muffin recipes. You can look forward to more honesty, and with that, more humor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl who loves her shoes & can’t help but eagerly pin every Nutella recipe on Pinterest & there will still be some of that. But, for every 100 “lifestyle blogs” there is 1 tell-it-like-it-is blog, so I’m hoping to join the ranks of the latter.

My readership may double overnight, or decrease 10-fold, but either way, I’ll probably have more fun just being myself on this here blog.

Barry’s Bootcamp

You may recall back in January I made a list of work-out classes I wanted to try in the new year, and thanks to Jen of Little Miss Runshine, I was able to cross one off my list! Last weekend I took my first (and hopefully not last) class at Barry’s Bootcamp – Boston. It was hands down one of the toughest work outs I’ve ever done, but the feeling of satisfaction at the end of class was so worth it. I’m talking acid-reflux inducing sprints and tricep dips into eternity type stuff.

For those who have never taken a class at Barry’s, or any bootcamp class for that matter, it’s definitely a different kind of work out and one you have to ease into. I do pilates and/or yoga 3x week and try to also run 2-3 times a week, so I would consider myself in pretty good shape (minus all those gummi bears, Twizzlers, and spoonfuls of cookie butter but .. we all have our vices, no? ……) – but after taking this class I realized just how much further I could be pushing myself. Plus, doing the same routine day in and day out is boring to both mind & body. Switching up your regular regimen every once in a while with a new class, whether it’s bootcamp or spin, is always a good reset button for your muscles. And a good reminder to lay off the aforementioned gummi bears, Twizzlers and cookie butter.

Also, major thumbs up and high fives and ass slaps (what?!) to our instructor Chad. He’s a total firecracker with the best one-liners (i.e. “I LOVE ALL OF YOU SEXY  BEASTS”) to distract you from the cramping and exhaustion.  His energy is what kept me going when I felt like one more burpee would turn my burps into full fledged barfs. I could tell that he loves his job and is passionate about helping people go above and beyond what they think they’re capable of. If the picture below is any indication, he’s just an absolute gem.

Whereas some “fancy” gyms can have that total snobbery vibe going on, the staff at Barry’s was super welcoming and helpful. I’d venture to guess that their pricing plan is out of most 20-somethings budgets ($28/class or $500 for 20 classes, woof!), but when your workouts start to feel redundant, throwing one of these classes into the mix will be just the fix you need to take it up a notch! Now excuse me while I foam roll every inch of my body for the next 29038498 hours.

This post was sponsored by Barry’s Bootcamp. Thoughts & opinions are mine & mine alone! 

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Change font, save money. 


This high school student may have just helped the government hit the jackpot. Forget budget cuts to this federal program or that, simply change the font on the millions of documents printed by government and save millions. Seems too good to be true, but he may be on to something!

The Power of Now. 

download (1)

I’ve heard a lot about this author over the years and have always been curious about his books. I saw this one at Barnes & Noble not long ago (yeah, weird, real book stores still exist) and thought I’d give it a try. It’s pretty philosophical and must be read with intention, so I can see how it could be polarizing for some people, but if you’re looking to live more presently, this would be a good place to start.

Cookie Butter Cookies. 


Cookies are also helpful for living in the present. Right? Right. I whipped up a batch of these de.lic.ous. treats this week and think that they will be my go-to for any future occasion that requires a baked good.

Provisions 52. 


How fun is this ravioli press?! I’ve always been a little intimated at the thought of homemade pasta, but this gadget makes it seem somewhat reasonable.

Little White Dress.


Out with the black wool and in with the white linen. These airy dresses are essentials for a spring wardrobe.

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Sorry for that hiatus, guys – here’s what caught my eye while I’ve been away:

Conscious Uncoupling.

Is that what we’re calling divorce these days? Huh. Unless you live under a rock you’re probably aware that Hollywood’s hottest couple has decided to call it quits  consciously uncouple.  Anywho, in honor of their decision, our friends over at NYMag have created a list of things from which they’d also like to “uncouple” …  can I get a hell  yes for Kimye coverage.



I made the bold choice to go sans java for lent and, it’s been a challenge. I didn’t think I’d miss my morning joe so much but I most certainly do, in the worst of ways. I’m proud of myself for quitting cold turkey, I didn’t even sneak a sip after brewing some at home for a special someone! In the meantime peppermint tea has become my best bud. I don’t think that I could give up coffee for ever and ever, but I’m sure it’s doing something good for my body?!  Here’s some inspiration for those of you who are feeling like a coffee-tox might be right for you too.

Heart. Melted.

After seeing this, I’m not sure how much longer I can manage with out a pet.


Stock Photo Studs.

A co-worker of mine shared this with me and I couldn’t help but smirk, maybe even giggle at all of these.


make a statement

Sometimes less is more when it comes to clothes, so we leave it to our jewels to make the statement for us. I love a classic white collared shirt with a chunky necklace, or a simple LBD with an eye-catching cuff so I rely on Anthropologie, Loren Hope and J.Crew to find the perfect accent pieces – here are some of my favorites:


Sepentine Bracelet - Tesserae Drop Earrings - Rondure Necklace

Loren Hope

Mia Collar Necklace - Petra Earrings - Alex Cuff

J. Crew

North Star Bracelet - Stone Fringe Necklace - Geometry Earrings

*all on sale!


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Elements of Style – The Book!


My Kate Spade agenda is already marked with an exclamation point for October 7th – the day that EOS the book hits stores! Luckily I pre-ordered yesterday and will have this beauty in my hands the day it’s released. I’m a daily reader of Erin’s blog, and if you’re not – you should be! She’s like the Oprah of bloggers [I mean that quite literally - she was lucky enough to speak at Oprah's O You! conference a few years back!] Now if only I had the budget to bring her book to life in my own pad …

You know you’re getting old when …


24 was quite the birthday for this lady. My friends, family & even co-workers spoiled me rotten! Some spring clothes and accessories have been added to my wardrobe (see here, and here, and here) but I must say, my favorite gift was… a vacuum. It’s entirely pathetic, I know, but more than pathetic, it’s practical. What can I say, a good vacuum it a great investment.

This. Is Everything.

North Ikea. That is all.

10 Women Who are Paving The Way For the Next Generation


#BanBossy has been a trending hashtag for a few days now, thanks for Sheryl Sandberg and the Emmy’s have been 1/2 awards show 1/2 stand up comedy thanks to Amy Poehler. The ladies that make up this list (plus many more who doesn’t) want to see global change by the time our generation fills their shoes and I have full faith that they will do just that.